Gamewright Kortspel - Zip Zap GW245

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Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold AwardParents' Choice Fun StuffDr. Toy's Best Vacation ProductsSparks are gonna fly in this lightning-fast card game! Quickly rid your hand of cards by playing numbers in order. Lay down a run and consider yourself in the zone. But don&rsquot get caught sleeping or else Zap! &ndash another player will steal the lead! Be the first one out of cards to win!This card game is high energy and lots of fun! A tip - try to keep track what cards have already been played as it will help you control the round. Also, for younger players, it might help to play with a card holder for small hands.Ages 6 and up2 to 6 playersPlaying time: 15 MinutesNo reading required56 cards

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